How to Repair Car Dents and Scratches

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Whether you’re running errands in Manistee or dropping the kids off at school in Cadillac, returning to your vehicle to find a small dent or scratch is frustrating. Luckily, when you rely on Serra Cadillac Of Traverse City to help you fix dents in a car or fix scratches on a car, your frustration will be fleeting! You can always turn the keys over to our service team for reliable care, but we know that many drivers have a DIY spirit. That’s why we’re here to help you learn how to fix a dent in a car or how to fix scratches on a car! Read on below to get started. 

How to Fix Scratches on a Car

A scratch on your vehicle can rob it of its pristine curb appeal. The good news is you can learn how to fix scratches on a car following these tips:

  • Candle Wax – While not a permanent solution, this is a great way to fix scratches on a car in a pinch. Gently rub the cable wax over the damaged area to seal the scratch. 
  • Super Glue – Similar to the candle wax method, this fix for scratches on a car will seal and blend the scratch in the short term. 
  • Paint Polish or Rubbing Compound – Start with a light polish with a less abrasive foam pad, and work your way up to higher-grit polishes as needed. 
  • Wet Sandpaper – Shallow scratches on the surface of a vehicle can easily be removed through cleaning and rubbing the area with 2000-grit wet sandpaper. Once the scratch is nearly invisible, apply a rubbing compound followed by finer and finer polishes. Finally, apply a wax sealant for protection. 
  • Touch-Up Paint: Available at service centers like Serra Cadillac Of Traverse City, this fix masks deep scratches.

How to Fix a Dent in a Car

Learning how to fix a small dent in a car will go a long way towards preserving the value of your vehicle. Fix a dent in a car with ease when you try these methods:

  • Plunger – Whether you use a standard household plunger or one designed for car dents, this tool can help to pop out the dent to level it out. 
  • Hammer or Mallet – If you’re looking to learn how to fix a small dent in a car, a hammer can be utilized. If you need to fix a dent in a car that’s a bit larger, a mallet is your ideal tool. Use your selected tool on the opposite side of the damage to knock it back into place. Be sure to protect the side you’re hammering with a towel or something similar. 
  • Dent Puller – This method is reserved for seasoned car care experts. Start by drilling a hole through the damaged area, lace wiring through it, and pull the dent back to level. From there you’ll fill the hole, sand it down, and paint.

For the Bigger Fixes, Visit Serra Cadillac Of Traverse City

When a plunger and superglue aren’t cutting it, turn to the pros at Serra Cadillac Of Traverse City for expert restoration. When you schedule service with us, our team will work efficiently to get you back on the streets in no time. Explore our service coupons and contact us with any questions!

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