How Do You Change a Car Tire?

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Have you discovered a flat during your Manistee commute? Maybe your tires have worn down too far, and you’re ready to add your new set in your Cadillac garage. No matter the reason, it’s natural to ask, “How do you change a car tire?” at some point as a driver. Luckily, the service pros here at Serra Cadillac Of Traverse City can help you learn how often to change a car tire and how to tackle the job. Read on with our team to get started!

Changing Your Cadillac Tires

Before you figure out how to change a tire, you’ll need to get the right tools together. Find a jack, lug wrench, spare tire, or new tire(s), and your owner’s manual. From there, replacing a tire in your own Grayling driveway is a relatively simple task: 

  1. If you’re searching “How do you change a car tire?” after getting a flat on the Traverse City streets, find a safe place to stop and turn on your hazard lights. 
  2. No matter where you are, apply the parking brake and place wheel wedges under the remaining tires. 
  3. Remove the hubcap from the tire and loosen the lug nuts. 
  4. Raise your vehicle with your jack and remove the lug nuts completely. 
  5. Remove the old tire and place the new one on the mounts. 
  6. Tighten the lug nuts and lower the vehicle to the ground.

How Often Should You Change Car Tires?

Knowing how often to change car tires depends upon your adherence to proper tire care. If you regularly rotate your tires, check the tire pressure, and monitor the treads, it’s likely that your tires will enjoy a longer life cycle. However, if you neglect your tire care, you’ll likely need more frequent replacements. A good way to keep your tires in top shape is to have them rotated when you get your oil changed!

How to Put Air in Your Tires

Sometimes, your tires just need some extra air rather than a full-blown replacement. If you don’t have your own air pump, you can visit a local gas station to find one nearby. Follow these steps to put air in your tires:

  • Park close enough to the air pump so that you can reach all four tires. 
  • Remove the first valve stem cap and place it somewhere safe.
  • Check the air pressure of your tire with the gauge. You may want to do this at home before making your way to the gas station since driving can cause your tires to expand. 
  • If you’re low on air, use the hose to add small amounts of air until the volume is sufficient. Remember to continually check the gauge as you add air. 

How Many Miles Can You Go on a Spare Tire?

If you’ve had to put a spare tire (sometimes known as a donut tire) on your car, you’ll want to get a permanent replacement as soon as possible. Generally, these tires are made to travel for 50 miles at speeds of 50 mph or less. This should give you the mileage needed to get to a trusted service center. 

Rely On Serra Cadillac Of Traverse City for All Things Automotive!

If you’d rather let the professionals change your tires for you, schedule service with us today! Our team can get you a fresh set of tires in no time. Better yet, you can indulge in our service coupons for additional savings! If you have any lingering questions about car care, contact us right away.

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